Just a regular ol’ Sunday at the Ashton Pub

Ashton fiddlers.jpgIf you haven’t heard much about the pub lately, that’s because we have stopped advertising all the fun we have every week. This is my 3rd year running the Open Mic & Jam every Sunday from 2-5pm and our wee getaway in the country has become a hootenanny each week, no matter what Mother Nature slings at us. The quality of musicians that we get out is overwhelming and we can barely fit everyone in the door. If you haven’t made it out yet, you will be struck by the power of music, conversation, community & a lack of distracting technology. (That’s right, we have ZERO TVs in the pub). We prefer the power of human connection. If you’re looking for a real human experience with great food and beer to boot, come out; and for the love of Zeus, MAKE A RESERVATION!! (613) 257-4423